Over the weekend, Lele caught HFMD (hand foot mouth disease). We had to quarantine him and ourselves at home, in hope that the virus doesn’t spread to others.

This is the first thing we ever faced something like that and the first time I seen him so lethargic. He would refuse food due to the ulcers in his mouth, would want us to carry him to sleep and Eunice had to sleep sitting up because he would fuss when being laid down. It was a very trying and tiring time. The spots on his body made my heart ache.

 After the weekend, Lele got better but Eunice caught the virus. Our friend says adults have it worse than children. 

The hardest part

I was asked what was the hardest part of having Elias in your lives. I remember my answer straight off the hat was the lack of sleep. But after some thinking, I realised the hardest part is not the lack of sleep or rescheduling of our lives. The hardest part is leaving home every morning. 

Thoughts from our Jubilee Weekend, National Day Celebrations

Yesterday marked Singapore’s 50th year of independence from Malaysia. The whole weekend was filled with activity after activity. For me, I really appreciate where we are now especially when we have a child to take care of. Clean water, creditable milk powder, ease of transport.. i can go on and on. We all do complain about the rising cost of living, the cost of transportation, the cost of getting a car.. how everything is pay and pay. This weekend, we took a step back and saw how Singaporeans are standing by each other, helping when there is trouble e.g. free rides during the major train breakdown, food and drinks for people paying tribute to LKY and many more. We realise if we want to be better people as a whole we need to start with ourselves and for that I am really happy to see our country grow. 

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