Once in a blue moon post?


I didn’t realise its been so long since I updated this website, i will be actively on this blog and website. Do look out for more updates. :)

Here are some photos from an astro event that last occured 152 years ago. 

A rare occurrence of supermoon, lunar eclipse and a blue moon all at once. This last occured 152 years ago in 1866.
Felt in awe to be able to witness something like this and thankful that the weather cleared up before the eclipse.  


Over the weekend, Lele caught HFMD (hand foot mouth disease). We had to quarantine him and ourselves at home, in hope that the virus doesn’t spread to others.

This is the first thing we ever faced something like that and the first time I seen him so lethargic. He would refuse food due to the ulcers in his mouth, would want us to carry him to sleep and Eunice had to sleep sitting up because he would fuss when being laid down. It was a very trying and tiring time. The spots on his body made my heart ache.

 After the weekend, Lele got better but Eunice caught the virus. Our friend says adults have it worse than children. 

The hardest part

I was asked what was the hardest part of having Elias in your lives. I remember my answer straight off the hat was the lack of sleep. But after some thinking, I realised the hardest part is not the lack of sleep or rescheduling of our lives. The hardest part is leaving home every morning. 

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