During a family gathering and announcement of our pending parenthood. Someone commented that my mum’s death blessed our family with 2 children, first my niece, and now our very own child.

Those words haunted me for a while. This time between arrival and departure, what we call life. We are told to live life to the fullest, regret nothing.

Learning to embrace this fragility of life is what I aimed to capture in these photographs. Whilst we portray a certain calmness going about our daily ways, there is a certain sense of uncertainty about what tomorrow brings. The thought however, that the person is in a better place calms our hearts and grants us peace.

As we await the arrival of our own child, we can only hope to impress good memories and visions of a beautiful place. A place where we call home for a while. A place where life and death are intertwined, but we do not fear death. We live our lives normally as a form of victory.

This project was part of IPA (Invisible Photographer Asia) mentorship program 2014

Exhibited at Nanning, Photo Expo 2014

Elias Zeng En Le was born on 10th Nov, 2014

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