Missing You 

I was shocked when my father told me he would be selling his house. I grew up in that place and it had the fondest memories I had of my mum. We had moved out some years ago after getting our own flat and after my mum passed away, my dad moved in with us. 

The flat was empty after her death, my dad will go over to clean up on weekends but I didn't go often as I was still trying my best to hold myself together.  

When nearer to the date of packing and clearing the house, I was at a lost. I didn't know how to retain all the memories of my mum. I wanted to keep everything but I knew I couldn't. 

So I did what I knew best, I took photos of the house and the things that remind me of her.

Traces of who she was and is to me can be found in these pictures. Looking at them, flashbacks would flood my mind. 

I realised at the end I won't ever forget - her warm gentle smile.


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