Thoughts from our Jubilee Weekend, National Day Celebrations

Yesterday marked Singapore’s 50th year of independence from Malaysia. The whole weekend was filled with activity after activity. For me, I really appreciate where we are now especially when we have a child to take care of. Clean water, creditable milk powder, ease of transport.. i can go on and on. We all do complain about the rising cost of living, the cost of transportation, the cost of getting a car.. how everything is pay and pay. This weekend, we took a step back and saw how Singaporeans are standing by each other, helping when there is trouble e.g. free rides during the major train breakdown, food and drinks for people paying tribute to LKY and many more. We realise if we want to be better people as a whole we need to start with ourselves and for that I am really happy to see our country grow. 

Things come in pairs

It’s interesting how the photos I take nowadays seem to work together as pairs. 

Haven’t been taking any photos outside of work. Glad I took time to take these photos. 

The Metropolis Called Home

This metropolis that we live cool and heartless. Its been named the The Most Expensive City in the World. It moves and progresses beyond its citizens and leaves them in the cold.


View from the Indoor Stadium

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